ESMA was founded with the aim to connect social marketing people, research and practice at the European level.

By creating a community where people practicing and researching social marketing in Europe can connect with other colleagues to share experiences, knowledge, findings, methods, and practices ESMA endeavours to contribute to the development, evidence base and promotion of the social marketing discipline in Europe. ESMA aims:
  • to establish a community of Social Marketers in Europe
  • to enhance and facilitate knowledge and experience exchange in the different fields of social and behaviour change
  • to promote the use of social marketing as an approach to social change in Europe

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  1. ESMA

    International Journal of CoCreation in Design and the Arts: Call for papers

    International Journal of CoCreation in Design and the Arts: Special Issue of CoDesign and the Public Realm Guest editors: Liesbeth Huybrechts, Jon Geib, Hilde Heynen, Henric Benesch, Jessica Schoffelen Co-design’s engagement with the public realm is rooted in an activist tradition aspiring to increase democratic participation of diverse societal groups in design activities related to public space, services, systems or policy. This is partly due to its historical relationship with the tradition of Scandinavian Participatory Design (PD) that developed in...
  2. ESMA

    WSMC 2017 Call for papers

    Help others learn, be the change that matters: 5th World Social Marketing Conference 2017 Call for Papers. Deadline 16 September 2016 The overall conference theme is “Influencing Behaviour for Social Good”. The organising committee would be delighted to receive submissions with a clear Social Marketing perspective focused on any of the following conference tracks. Conference Tracks Promoting global health and well-being Reducing global communicable disease through behavioural influence Reducing crime and poverty and promoting safety and security Global climate change, environment protection and...
  3. ESMA

    JSM call for papers: societal wellbeing

    Great opportunity for social marketing researchers! Special issue call for papers from Journal of Social Marketing: The Many Paths to Societal Wellbeing: Charting a Course Forward Guest Editors: Professor Rebekah Russell-Bennett and Dr Nadia Zainuddin Societal wellbeing is firmly on the agenda of marketers, governments, nonprofits and social enterprise. The culture of excess consumption is grinding to a halt as consumers become more aware of the need to conserve resources to live healthier lives and to protect the planet. To achieve societal...
  4. ESMA

    ESMC 2016 updates

    The paper submission results have now been notified. Congratulations to all successful authors! The ESMC organising committee is delighted to have received so many high quality submissions and would like to thank all authors who submitted papers and posters to the event. The competition for posters is still open until 29th of July 2016. Registration is open for the main European social marketing event of the year to be held 22-23 September 2016 in Espoo, Finland. ESMA and iSMA members...



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